This year we've decided to jump on a big trend: Mason Jar crafts!


What better time than Valentine’s Day to create a cute, simple DIY that doubles as a candle holder? 


Here’s how to create this fun project:



  • 1 clean, plain mason jar
  • Painter’s tape cut into heart shapes
  • Acrylic Paint in your desired colors
  • Matte finishing spray
  • Flameless Votive Candles or Tea Lights



  1. Clean a plain mason jar: ensure all oil residues are removed.
  2. Cut-out hearts from paint tape and stick them onto the jar where you would like a window.
  3. Paint with acrylic paint (we used dollar store paint).
  4. Spray with matte finishing spray. This will help give it that shabby-chic look we love. If shiny is more your style, use a traditional finishing spray.


That’s it! So simple and adorable. Plus, it’s safe for kids and pets.


We’ll be featuring the tulips in a future DIY, so stay tuned.


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