One of the most versatile candle styles, the classic pillar is perfect for tabletop decor.  The rounded shape lends itself to numerous DIY options and since pillars are available in a number of sizes, it's easy to put together an arrangement that incorporates varying heights for texture and interest.


Here are some ideas of how to use flameless LED pillar candles in your holiday tablescape.


Keep it Simple

The focus on any arrangement that uses candles is the gorgeous glow and feeling they create. Scatter your pillars at different points on the table and let the warm light create the mood. Set natural elements among your pillar candles and complete the look with some seasonal printed fabric. 




Craft a Seasonal DIY

Be creative when it comes to materials. Anything from corn to leaves can be used to design a table arrangement. The key is to look around at what's outside your door and mimic those colors and textures. Finishing the look with burlap or jute lends a natural vibe that keeps the outdoor feeling in your design.




Whatever look you choose, remember to keep safety in mind when designing your arrangments and DIYs. Opting for flameless LED pillar candles takes the worry out of things, letting you use any materials you like to create the perfect ambiance for your holiday.


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Stop back tomorrow for tips on how to incorporate Tea Lights and Votive Candles into your tablescape.