This summer, fire up the BBQ, set up the lawn furniture and invest in some outdoor lighting to create a striking look for your patio. Nothing says summer like outdoor dining and entertaining, and with reasonable pricing for the most luxurious outdoor lights, how can you afford not to?



Whether tucking in with a good book after work, or welcoming friends over the weekend, stylish outdoor lighting adds an extra level of sophistication and pleasure to your patio experience. And the great news is that there are so many options to choose from depending on your personal style. Looking to up your game in the home decor department? Why not try some lanterns for a restoration country look or a string of industrial lights to give a breezy contemporary feel. Outdoor lights not only create ambience and add to the good memories, they also serve a practical use.


Outdoor lights that are thoughtfully placed will help you easily find the way to your door in the evenings. Pathway lights such as orbs or lanterns offer a pleasing view as you and your guests walk to safety. Some of these lights are solar-powered which means they come on automatically in the evenings and you never have to worry about them. Making sure that your entries and pathways have adequate lighting is key to providing you and your family with a safe and pleasing—albeit short—route to and from your home.



Today’s outdoor lighting solutions are as wide-ranging as individual tastes. Not only is there a range of possibilities to light up your backyard patio, there are also a number of considerations in terms of where to place lights for optimum appeal. Have a party coming up? Try out some colored lights around the deck or draped along the fence for a festive look. Lanterns make a wonderful addition to any patio or deck. You can even hang them in a nearby tree for effect. Whether strewn overtop your outdoor space, built into your patio steps and deck or lighting up shrubs and rocks, outdoor lighting is the perfect way to make the most of your outdoor space.


Arrange lights over the patio for a trailing look. Position lanterns along the pathway or near water features to enhance natural elements. Outdoor lighting can make an ordinary patio into a beautiful oasis. Take time to create your space using signature pieces such as a much-loved wicker armchair with vibrant cushions or unique ceramic pot. Lighting can embellish what you already treasure about your outdoor space, giving your patio the air of a home spa.