There’s nothing quite like candles to create the right ambiance for a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary. The diffused light of an attractive candle marries well with the right music, creating a mood that boosts the experience of everyone present.


Yet more often than not, traditional candles end up burning out before the event is over, burn uneven, or they drip all over the table leaving stains on your furniture. Flameless candles can last for up to five hours, include none of the mess of traditional candles, and can set just the right atmosphere for any formal or informal occasion.


Some flameless candles are crafted with real wax and look so real that people sometimes can’t believe they’re not. Flameless candles often have wicks and can look; feel and smell just like traditional candles. Some styles also have a wick that moves just like a traditional candle. This technology gives the candles a very lifelike appearance.


Flameless candles come in a vast range of sizes and styles, and can make your indoor or outdoor spaces feel welcoming and cozy. Some flameless candles come in different finishes, and scents and may feature an assortment of wick designs to create a look of authenticity. With real wax candles you may be reluctant to place them in enclosed or tight spaces due to safety or upkeep. Yet with flameless candles, you need not worry about relighting the candle if it goes out or moving it to a more secure location where you can keep an eye on it.


Some flameless candles use 5-hour-timer technology that allows you to rest easy and not worry about turning it off before you turn in. Other candles like this are regulated using remote control so you can adjust the candles to on or off with the touch of a button. This is particularly good for hard-to-reach spots, such as in a planter on your patio or along your walkway.


Some flameless candles work with solar technology to bring light to your outdoor spaces without the need for batteries. Completely hidden inside the candle, these small solar panels derive power from the sun during the day to illuminate your patio in the evening. Providing the glowing effect of a real candle without the hassles and dangers, battery operated or solar-powered candles help set the scene for life’s memorable moments without worrying about making a mess or being unsafe.  

It’s thought that the ancient Romans developed wick candles by dipping papyrus repeatedly in melted tallow or beeswax. They used candles in their homes, when traveling at night, and in religious ceremonies. Flameless candles draw from the best qualities of traditional candles to create just the right setting for you to unwind after a long workday or to enhance those special moments that you’ll cherish forever.