We love how these DIY string candle holders combine casual and rustic for a look that fits into any space. A touch of sparkle enhances the glowing ambiance of the flameless candles inside. What’s unique about these adorable candle holders is that they’re completely safe, since you’re using them with flameless LED candles.

Here’s how to create this versatile set of accent pieces.






  • Flameless pillar candles  
  • LED tea lights  
  • Plain string (thin is best)
  • White school glue
  • Small water balloons
  • Large cylindrical container (try a cleaning wipe dispenser with the lid and dispensing opening removed, a soda bottle cut in half, or a powdered drink canister – any size will work)
  • Cellophane
  • Fine glitter
  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Safety pin
  • ½” – 1” paintbrush (optional)





To create a globe-shaped tea light holder:


  1. Blow up one water balloon so it's as symmetrical and round as possible and knot it.
  2. Tie the string to the knot of the balloon and wrap the string around the balloon in all directions.
  3. When you're happy with the string wrapping, cut the string and secure the end so it will not unravel.
  4. In a large mixing bowl, empty your white glue and add a bit of water if the consistency is too thick or lumpy.
  5. Roll the string-covered balloon in the glue or brush the glue on until the string is fully soaked.
  6. Dump the glitter on a paper plate and roll the string-covered balloon around until it is covered.
  7. Fasten a safety pin to the mouth of the balloon then tie it to a piece of string.
  8. Hang and allow to dry completely (about 24 hours.)
  9. When the glue is fully dry and stiff, use a long, skinny object to pop the balloon without displacing the string.
  10. Remove the balloon and gently make an opening to place a flameless tea light inside.


To create a pillar candle holder:


  1. Wrap your cylindrical container in cellophane.
  2. Tie the string around the container and begin wrapping around the whole container (including bottom); secure the end of the string when satisfied.
  3. Roll the container in the glue mix or brush the glue on until the string is fully soaked.
  4. Sprinkle on glitter or dump the glitter on a paper plate and roll the string-covered container around until it is covered.
  5. Allow to dry completely (about 24 hours.)
  6. When the glue is dry and stiff, slide the string candle holder off of the canister. The cellophane should help you remove the shaped string. If it sticks a bit, try twisting rather than pulling.


Create a few in various sizes and arrange them together for a glowing addition to any table, mantle, or decorative display.





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