This simple and fun DIY is the perfect activity to tackle with the kids on rainy days or as part of a STEM school project! The only supplies you need are popsicle sticks, glue, and a flameless pillar candle. If you’re choosing a color scheme, paint your popsicle sticks first or purchase colored sticks.


Here’s How:

1. Count out the number of popsicle sticks you’ll need. Each layer of your lantern consists of 4 sticks. For a standard 3” x 4” flameless pillar candle, you’ll want about 60 sticks. If you’re using multiple colors, separate them by color in piles of 10 (or however thin you want the stripes).

2. Set your flameless candle on a flat surface and lay 1 stick on each side around it, to ensure that it will fit.

3. Remove the candle and glue each corner so that 2 sticks laying horizontally are glued onto 2 sticks laying vertically.


4. Alternate where you place the glue for the next layer, so the vertical sticks lay across and are glued onto the horizontal sticks.

5. Repeat with each stick layer until you have reached your desired height and let dry.


6. Turn on your LED candle and enjoy the glow!



This example shows a rainbow design, but you can change up the “recipe” for which colors you use based on the occasion. Here are some ideas for seasonal versions of this project:

Autumn/Thanksgiving: Red, Orange, Brown, and Yellow

Halloween: Orange and Black

Christmas: Red and Green

Hanukkah: Blue and White

Kwanzaa: Black, Red, and Green

Valentine’s Day: Pink and Red

St. Patrick’s Day: Green and White

Spring/Easter: Pastel Blue, Pink, Purple, and Yellow

Summer: Neon Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, and Blue

Memorial Day/4th of July: Red, White, and Blue


If you try this craft, please tag us on Instagram with the #SternoDIY. We’d love to see *your* interpretation of this fun project!


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