Oftentimes going to bed can be a source of frustration or distress for little ones. Depending on their age, most children long to stay up much later than their assigned bed times, while others may be afraid of the dark. It can often be challenging for parents or caregivers to know how to make the bedtime routine go more smoothly so that children get enough sleep and feel rested.

 A parent or caregiver could spend hours reading, talking to or gently coaxing a child to finally put his or her head on the pillow for sleeping. After the child settles down it may be too late for the parent or caregiver to then relax a little before he or she must also turn in for the night.

Glow Buddies offer boys and girls a bright side to their bedtime routine. Featuring much-loved characters such as Little Mermaid and Spider-Man, these inspired lights may bring children the comfort and familiarity they long for to make bedtime less challenging.


Long battery run times and five-hour timer technology make Glow Buddies convenient to own and to maintain. Instead of replacing batteries frequently, these dependable friends offer children hours of enjoyment at bedtime or in the early morning when they’re getting ready for school. Even during the day after school or on the weekend, kids can turn on their character light while doing homework or hanging out with a friend.

Glow Buddies offer enduring characters from movies that kids have enjoyed and continue to enjoy. Characters may remind children of these stories and present opportunities for them to recount details they remember from these treasured movies. This could be a useful way to help settle the child and ready him or her for sleep.

Some Glow Buddies offer the creative option to color them using washable, non-toxic markers. Some of these kid-friendly lights also show different colors when they light up. What’s not to like about a light you can make your own by adding colors to, and where the light changes color?

Glow Buddies offers a line of collectible items for children to enjoy morning to night. Having a special friend at your bedside that lights up could become a source of comfort for those little ones who refuse to crawl into bed and go to sleep.