Sterno Home


About Sterno Home

WE ARE STERNO HOME. We design inspired Outdoor Lighting and Flameless Candles products to light up your home inside and out! 

Sterno Home is a flameless candle and outdoor lighting industry leader. We proudly create a wide-array of stunning landscape lighting, decorative patio lighting, innovative exterior lighting and outdoor lighting accessories to enhance the beauty of your home. We also create practical, safe and charming flameless LED candles and licensed LED products for kids and the ‘young at heart’. 

We are pleased to be contributing to the legendary Sterno Products 100 - year legacy and to be engaged every day in the creation of imaginative outdoor lighting and LED flameless candle products for the home designed to: connect, surprise and delight! 

Our Team

Our team of in-house engineers and product designers ensure that our Outdoor Lighting and Flameless Candle products are infused with the latest design trends and leading-edge technologies. At Sterno Home, we place a premium on intentional design. Over the years, this guiding principle has inspired a broad collection of lighting solutions. 

Our Mission

We understand that ambiance is a personal choice and safety is paramount, which is why we’re always honored to be a small part of the place people call home. We have something to offer everyone, no matter what type of living space needs illumination. 

Design and innovation in outdoor light and LED flameless candles always lead our way! Our passion for being best-in-class will never end. Because to be invited into our customers’ homes, we can be nothing short of extraordinary.

For you. With you. By your side, in every moment. Illuminating your home, bringing light, and warmth to the times of your life that matter most. We are ready when you need us. Keeping safety, beauty, and innovation in mind – Always. Let us celebrate the special moments you make at home with our collection of inspired lighting and candles products we design at Sterno Home.  

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM EST